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Your Israeli Home

Housing projects

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As our vision is to serve the Jewish Iranian community, wishing to establish in Israel, we selected a handful of projects that are meeting all your needs and demands:

Location, Location, Location: the best prime locations in Jerusalem, with excellent specs at the highest standards, variety of sizes and pricing, the best view you can get and within a walking distance from stores, shopping centers, synagogues, schools and community centers.

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The Reservation at Malha, Jerusalem

Hasid Brothers are inviting you to one of the last majestic lots in Jerusalem. Located strategically on a hillside of Malha, with a view of the natural reservation of Ein Yahel, the Biblical Zoo and the Valley of Refaim.

We have one-level luxury penthouses, for maximum comfort and quality.

The Reservation is close to major routes and combining between the nature and accessibility to the city center, parks, shopping malls and entertainment.

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Zion Towers at Arnona, Jerusalem

The 24 stories luxurious towers of Hasid Brothers will open you a celestial living experience.

A panoramic view of the Old City and the Jehudah Desert.

This fancy housing environment, with a stylish and secured foyer, modern gym and advanced services.

The high-level apartments are designed by the best architects and engineers, with plenty of room to your own personal touch.

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Why Choose Us

Why Israel?

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, the only place over the Globe that you can feel at home.


Our multi-cultural societies, vibrant economy, safety, security and a wide array of social services, ranging from National Security Funds for pension, health, incapacity and unemployment, are covering you during your lifespan.

Thanks to the Law of Return, any Jew can immigrate to Israel and obtain citizenship.

The ability to practice Judaism freely and proudly and the rich social life, a combination of ancient history with modern facilities and top-notch innovation will make your life here a genuine pleasure.


Israel is considered the Startup nation, thanks to a variety of factors: the highest share of the National GDP dedicated to R&D, the proliferation of startups and entrepreneurial spirit, the governmental investment in high-risk ventures, the huge inflow of Foreign Direct Investment, mainly to the high tech and the Israeli export of superior, state of the art technologies.
The Israeli economy in the last years, showed tremendous resiliency, during financial crisis, natural disasters, armed conflicts and even in the CoVid19 period. Israel continued its prosperity most of the time.
We are also the best safe haven for the Jewish people. Thanks to the Law of Return, any Jew can immigrate to Israel and obtain citizenship.


Why to buy real estate in Israel?

Real estate in israel is the best investment, thanks to the high demand and the scarcity of land. The demand is double: natural growth of the population and a safe investment instrument for foreigners.


The historical prices are showing constant increase in apartments’ pricing, in comparison to any destination and currency. The tendency is expected to continue and even grow, as we will exit the pos-COVID-19 economic drawback. 


Thanks to a very strict building code, national and municipal legislation, the construction specs are very high and resilient. For example, any apartment must include a concrete room – a safe vault for your precious assets – the family. This room will protect you during an act of war or natural


As investment in the Israeli economy are crucial to the Nation’s success, we have created a series of investment protection laws, regulations and incentives, allowing you to invest and repatriate capital and its fruits.

Why Hasid Brothers?

Hasid Brothers was established in 1973 and has since become a central pillar of private construction in Jerusalem. Hasid specializes in entrepreneurship, development and construction of high-quality and inspirational residential buildings. Throughout the years Hasid has built dozens of buildings in choice locations in Jerusalem, always focusing on quality, reliability, creativity and design.


Mr. Zion Hasid, Founder of the Firm, is the Chairman of the Federation of the Iranian Immigrants to Israel and one of the top contractors in Israel.

Why choose us?

Our Team is composed of a hand-picked professional executives in real-estate, business, law and Iranian culture.


Adv. Kambiz (Oded) Vosouk, born in Iran, full proficiency in Persian and a senior keynote speaker of the language. With vast experience in the Ministry of Defense, including international projects. Summa Cum Lauda LLB and LLM in Law and professional experience in the leading law firms.


Adv. Mali Ayala Shirazi is a member of the Israeli Bar and an experienced executive in top multinational Israeli corporations


Gabriel Hayon is the Chairman of the Diplomatic Institute, experienced in international business. He is an international speaker, mentor and an author.


Roman Galay is a seasoned Boutique Investment Banker, with vast experience in some of Israel’s most ambitious real-estate deals of the last decade.


Adv. Sofia Kogan is a lawyer specializing in international and private law. She has Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in law from Moscow State Academy of Law.

Contact Us

Phone/ WhatsUpp: +972 50 606 2000

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