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Why Costa Rica ?

Why Costa Rica ?

Thanks to its Rising Cities and its Free Trade Regime, Costa Rica has become one of the most dynamic states in LATAM, offering a wealth of new investment opportunities. 

With more than 10 Free Trade Zones nationwide, Costa Rica offers companies significant tax advantages and incentives, including special tax exemptions on all sectors. The variety of industrial parks and office centers offers significant advantages for businesses.


Thanks to its skilled workforce, local know-how, and expertise, Costa Rica stands out for its ability to reduce production costs through a high level of specialization and flexibility.

The technologically advanced suppliers and best practices of local Costa Rican companies enable companies to boost their investment and enter the market smoothly. 

Costa Rica's talents and technological capabilities integrate multiple stakeholders in a connected environment, enabling greater efficiency and tailor-made opportunities for companies. 

Its strong commitment to education and the collaborative environment between industry and universities that the country has built up over time allow the country to rank first among Latin American countries in terms of workforce skills, providing the talent and human skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Costa Rica's tax incentives offer a competitive framework for achieving a true ROI, with transparency and equal treatment for all investors. The Free Trade Zone Regime meets the standards of the WTO and the OECD, enabling substantial benefits to be obtained outside the Greater Metropolitan Agglomeration. 

Governed by Law No. 7210, Law No. 8794, and its regulations, Costa Rica's free zone regime consists of a set of tax incentives and advantages the government grants to companies wishing to make new investments in the country


Primary zones for offshore tax and customs operations, authorized by the executive branch of government, these free zones are designed to accommodate processes involving the import of inputs and raw materials, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, and export-related services.


The basic requirements for joining the scheme include an initial new investment in fixed assets of at least USD 150,000 for companies inside a free zone park and USD 2,000,000 for companies outside a park. In the case of service companies, at least 50% of the services must be exported.

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Thanks to its strong commitment to education and the collaborative environment between industry and universities that the country has built up over time, Costa Rica has the most educated and skillful workforce in Latin America

With 8% of GDP invested in education, workforce development and training, and a high literacy rate of 98% for people aged 15-24, Costa Rica is leading the way in skills development for the future, outperforming countries such as Ireland, France, South Korea and India.

Specific to Medical Device Manufacturing in Costa Rica, the country has recently created the first Master's Degree in Medical Devices in LATAM, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota

Costa Rica continues to strengthen its main differentiating factor in attracting FDI: a professional and skilled workforce to acquire the skills for the knowledge economy and the jobs of the future, as well as to become a regional and global leader in innovation.

Costa Rica - The Best Kept Secret

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Environment Awarness and Sustainable Productivity

Leading the way in innovation in sustainable productivity, Costa Rica is one of the fastest-growing destinations for Foreign Direct Investment. Far from being just a slogan, sustainability is part of our DNA, with 50% of its territory covered in forest and 99% of its energy coming from renewables.

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The resilience of Costa Rican companies is well established. Despite the various shocks encountered, Costa Rica's business environment ranks fourth in Latin America, outperforming its regional peers in terms of tax payment, access to credit, electricity, control of corruption, quality of regulation and rule of law, thanks to solid political institutions and a high degree of social stability.




Costa Rica's vibrant life is a blend of lush landscapes, rich biodiversity, cultural dynamism, and a thriving business scene. Its strategic location and commitment to sustainability make it a key player in international trade and commerce. Its beautiful beaches, emerald rainforests, and warm Tico hospitality create a dynamic tapestry, inviting visitors to embrace the pura vida spirit, not only as a haven for natural wonders but also as a flourishing hub for entrepreneurship and economic vibrancy.

Costa Rica is the Leader in Healthcare

Since 1987, Costa Rica has been a leading player in the medical device manufacturing sector, with over 70 companies producing healthcare products. The country's medical device manufacturing has become the 2nd major exporter of medical devices in Latin America, after Mexico. 

Medical devices currently represent 28% of the total sales of Precision and Medical Equipment products, with Medtronic, the world's top medical device manufacturer, operating in various Free Zones in the country.

In 2021, medical technology exports reached $5 billion, with more than 15% of companies cooperating or from corporate offices worldwide. Costa Rica's medical technology industry has access to a market of 2.8 billion people, representing 67% of the global GDP. 

What accounts for this success ?

Its skilled and highly educated workforce, geographical location, and open economy have made Costa Rica an excellent place to manufacture medical devices, with 96 companies active today in this sector. 


But it is above all the 17 trade agreements signed with more than 50 trading partners, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the European Union, and China, from which Costa Rica benefits, that have made the Manufacture of Medical Devices the Shining Star of the country's economy.


Companies engaged in the manufacture of medical devices and other appropriate activities in a Free Trade Zone are exempt from income tax for the first 8 years, and certain taxes, such as customs duties on imports and exports, withholding taxes on royalties, fees, and dividends, are exempt from payment for the life of the project.

Your One-Stop Shop to Costa Rica

Parque Tec offers business support and advice to portfolio startups, increasing their chances of success and benefiting investors by reducing risks. This investment model offers advantages over individual-based methods like picking winners, where investors invest in startups they believe are likely to succeed.

Costa Rica Free Trade Zone Regime

The operation of free zones in Costa Rica is governed by Law 7210 on Free Zones. This law stipulates that companies wishing to establish a Free Zone must invest at least $150,000 in fixed assets within three years of the project launch date. 

The main feature of a Free Zone is the tax benefits and incentives granted by the federal tax authorities to companies located within its boundaries

With more than 10 Free Trade Zones throughout the country, Costa Rica offers companies significant tax advantages and incentives

  • 100% exemption on import duties on capital goods, components, and raw materials;

  • 100% exemption on capital taxes;

  • No restriction on foreign currency management and profit repatriation;

  • 100% exemption on local sales and excise tax;

  • 100% exemption from export taxes;

  • 100% exemption on corporate income taxes;

  • The option to sell to Costa Rican exporters;

  • Expedited on-site customs clearance.

Free Trade Regime


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The Free Trade Zone Regime

​Medical device companies benefit from the incentives of the free trade zone, which include tax exemptions and streamlined regulatory processes, encouraging investment and the establishment of research and development centres in the country.

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Standardised tax incentives and benefits

100% Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Project for the first 8 years

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All Sectors Inside and Outside the GMA

  • Key Sectors: Smart Manufacturing, Knowledge Intensive Service, Health and Well-Being 

  • Custom duties on imports/exports

  • Withholding tax on royalties and fees

  • Interest income

Incentives Examples

The Most Highly Educated and Skilled Manpower in LATAM


Costa Rica's investment in technical and higher education yields highly trained individuals recruited by high-tech multinational companies.

Leading the way in Innovation

Costa Rica's commitment to education and strong collaboration between industries and universities enables it to adapt to the digital revolution. Its talent is ahead of countries like Ireland, France, South Korea, and India.


Renowned for being hard-working, well-prepared, competent and ready to take on challenges requiring innovative solutions, Costa Ricans aspire to live a pure life as embodied by the internationally recognised expression Pura Vida.

Skilled Workforce

Thanks to the Costa Rican educational system, we can provide you with the best, trained, educated disciplined, and dedicated employees. With decades of excellency in electronics, pharma, and medical devices, you'll enjoy the best workers on the Continent.

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Marcelo Lebendiker


Marcelo Lebendiker is a businessman, investor and entrepreneur. He founded ParqueTec in 2004, a business incubator that promotes the development of startups and entrepreneurs to be part of their stories through mentoring and support.

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