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The Customer-Oriented Entrepreneur: 

Converting Leads from Cold to Gold

With The Customer-Oriented Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs, Converting Leads from Cold to Gold, Gabriel Hayon offers a comprehensive vision into his own fascinating journey and the build-up of the strategy of acquiring customers successfully.


While working with many start-ups, corporations and governments, Hayon discovered that many entrepreneurs are focusing in the core-product development, but neglecting the business vision, values, strategy, systems, marketing and sales, as well as the Customer Acquisition Strategy.


His fresh approach takes you to in the roadmap to success, denominated The Operational Dimension: leveraging your brilliant product with a methodical, almost scientific, path of best practices, leading to Sales-Superiority, mainly in international sales.

But Hayon walks beyond systems and procedures, he also shows the two other secret ingredients to commercial success: The Energetic, or Spiritual Dimension motivating you to do the right things, in the right way. And The Mindset Dimension – boosting your skills even further, by releasing you from your mental boundaries and training you to maximize any position or business scenario.


By adopting WikiSales’ Sales Driven machine and Sales2.0 methods described in this Book, you’ll place yourself on the success path and reach market domination in your field.

Hunting major accounts can seem like a mission-impossible for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. But with the correct vision, it would position your company on the top. The importance of this book is in escorting you in the right route and away from the pitfalls, improving your profitability.

The book is the first in the SExellency - Sales Excellency Series.

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