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4X4 Quantum Leap of Your Startup

One Workshop, 4 Weekly Meetings of 4 Hours Each

This is all you need in order to grat your startup the Customer Oriented Approach.

in this 4 sessions workshop, we will analyze your venture, improve your vision, values, strategy, preferred market-shares and draft your Value Offer.


We will draw together the profile of your Dream Customer and your Honey Pot.

This information shall help us to formalize all your sales documentation and scripts, messages, action-driven letters convertible to sales.


Finally, we will program an automatic Sales Funnel with a nice flow of Leads generated and enriched.


The program is available in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

For in-Company workshops, it is best for your leading team, sales and marketing teams and top management.


We can also offer shorter versions for Innovation Authorities, Accelerators, Incubators, Industrial Zones and Meetup Groups.

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